CASE provides support and tools to facilitate access to health and social services in English.


We serve the English-speaking population of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec.


Mauricie-Rive Nord

Territory English-speaking population % of Total population
Trois-Rivières 1,880 1,4%
Shawinigan 575 1.2%
Maskinongé 250 1.2%
La Tuque 270 1.8%
Other MRC territories 250 0,8%
Total 3,225 1,2%

Centre du Québec-Rive Sud

Territory English-speaking population % of Total population
Drummondville 1,445 1.5%
Arthabaska 625 0.9%
Other MRC territories 495 0,8%
Total 2575 1,2%

Mauricie 3,225  
Centre du Québec 2575  
GRAND TOTAL 5800 1.2%

(*) Source : Stats Canada Census 2016

We invite you to read the following document «Demographic Profiles of the English-speaking Communities of RTS Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Québec » as it contains a wealth of information on the fabric of the community, in terms of age, revenues, education attainment, level of bilingualism, recent mobility, etc.


CASE provides the following services and tools:


The following documents contain useful information on resources available regarding health issue, recent important Québec legislation and booklets of general interests related to caregivers and health issues in general by our partner the Megantic English-speaking Community Development (MCDC)

Repertory of resources related to health :

What to do in the event of death

Bill 52 - Dying with dignity

MCDC booklet « Choosing a nursing home

MCDC booklet « Community Watchdog

MCDC booklet « A Guide to Caregivers

Mauricie and Centre du Québec « Health Passport »

Travel for health reasons outside your region:


McGill Dialogue Health and social Services Retention Bursary



Santé et Services Sociaux Québec

The Québec Government has a number of health and social services programs whose purpose is to ensure the welfare of its residents, particularly as regards health and social services. Their website offers a wide range of Information in English, from health problems to health guides to various resources.

Health Canada

The Health Canada website offers a well of information to Canadians of all ages. They provide valuable information on food and nutrition, drugs and health products, health concerns, healthy living and many more.

Fire-Police-Ambulance: 911

Community services: 211

Info-Health: 811

General Information and Help Lines:

Alzheimer society: 800-616-8816

Canadian Cancer Society: 800-321-1433

Canadian Medic Alert: 800-668-1507

Diabetes Quebec: 800-361-3504

Lupus Canada: 800-661-1468

Multiple Sclerosis Society: 800-565-3000

Parkinson Foundation: 800-565-3000

Quebec Cancer Foundation: 800-363-0063


  • Carol Chiasson, Trois-Rivières
  • Erika Brock, Drummondville
  • Mary Gunter, Durham Sud
  • Elana McDougall, Trois-Rivières
  • Andrew Holman, Trois-Rivières




Shannon Keenan,

Executive Director



Audrey Ottier, 

Community Referral Coordinator

Mauricie Region



Gwyneth Grant,

Liaison Agent 

Centre-du-Québec Region


Julie Miller

Special Project Agent 

(McGill Retention Bursary)






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